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Sunroots Propagation Gel

Here at Plants by Bee we have been privileged to trial this amazing product for the last six months! We've been blown away with the results we've had - some plants that previously had less than a 50% success rate have increased to over a 85% success rate!

Sunroots seals the fresh cutting and uses the active hormone indole-3-butyric acid to jump start roots which gives your plant a better chance to become established.

Once you've dipped the stem in the gel place it in your desired medium.

You can propagate in water, pumice, fern fibre, leca, soil, spag moss or any option you like to use.

 For best success pour out the required amount to coat the stem so that the gel stays pure.

Store in a cool place, we recommend the fridge.

If you have large leaves on your cutting it can be advised to cut them in half so the plant focuses on the root production first.

Cut your stem on a 45degree angle to expose the plant tissue to the propagating gel.

Keep your cutting in a humid warm environment as the plant will respond positively.

50ml container.