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Rubber Tree Cutting - Variegated

Ficus elastica variegated

Please note: Leaf size and level of variegation does vary from cutting to cutting. I have tried to show a range in the photos however if you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to get in contact with us :)

You are purchasing a whole tip cutting with a minimum of three leaves like the one pictured. Cutting will be shipped with the cut end wrapped in spagmoss.

Feel like propagating yourself? Have a go at propagating one of our Rubber tree cuttings!

Super rewarding to grow, rubber trees take awhile to root but once they get going they really do take off!

There are a few ways they can be propagated but in my opinion the easiest way is to just leave it in a jar of water and wait! Ideally replace the water once a week and have your cutting in bright position. Once the roots are approx. two inches long I would transfer it to soil and watch your new baby grow!