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Plants by Bee Fern Fibre Based Houseplant Mix

Its been a long time coming! We are proud to finally have our own tried and tested fern fibre based houseplant mix available. This is one of two mixes that we use on all our houseplants - from propagation to a fully blown plant!

This mix is ideal for many plants including but not limited to - Hoya, Alocasia, Philodendron, Anthurium, Dischidia and Monstera.

It particularly suits these plants because our mix contains Fern Fibre which is long lasting and has excellent moisture retention. In smaller ratios we have added coco alternatives to add drainage and stretch the fern fibre that bit further. We've also added two different grades of sand and pumice to add that much needed extra drainage and last but not least, all natural worm castings to feed the plant over an extended period of time. Read more about our worm castings here. The soil is thoroughly mixed in a compost mixer for a perfect blend then sealed up in zip lock bags to keep it fresh.