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Philodendron White Princess (Large)

Philodendron White Princess is a breath taking plant to grow. If your not a fan of the Pink Princess, its sister White princess is a great alternative! We have three of these large White Princesses. Please choose plant A, B or C from the dropdown bar below to see the specific photos.

Plant A: Is my personal fave. Growing nice and compact with a stunning distribution of its leaves and variegation. It has 11 leaves in total - the largest is 15cm long. From the top of the pot its approx 18cm high.

Plant B: The largest of the three, beautiful specimen. It has 5.5 leaves in total - the largest is 20cm long. From the top of the pot its approx 26cm high.

Plant C: The smallest yet densest! Beautiful compact plant with 3 growth points!! It has 9.5 leaves total - the largest is 15cm long. From the top of the pot its approx 15cm high.

Pot diameter: 12cm Clear

Light: Philodendron grow best in bright, indirect light. Please ensure it is not placed in direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves and/or fade the bright colours of the foliage. They will grow in medium to low light however it will not thrive.

Watering: This Philodendron likes humid conditions. This can easily be achieved by placing the plant under a glass dome ect. Allow the plant to dry out between waterings (ideally allow at least the top inch of soil to dry out before watering). Water thoroughly, allow the water to drain completely and never leave the plant to stand in water.

Growth: These guys can grow huge given the chance! (Over 2m tall!)

Other: Please keep me away from hot or cold drafts. 

Plant A
Plant B
Plant C