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Philodendron billietiae

This Philodendron is one of my personal faves! The beautiful orange petioles and long slender leaves definitely bring something different to ones collection. 

Plant specific details: The plant pictured is the only plant available. Exceptionally well rooted with large aerial roots. This plant has had the tip removed but is currently working hard to push out a new growth point (as pictured). It has three leaves, the largest is 22cm long.

Pot diameter: 15cm

Light: Philodendron grow best in bright, indirect light. Please ensure it is not placed in direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves and/or fade the bright colours of the foliage. They will grow in medium to low light however it will not thrive.

Watering: This Philodendron likes humid conditions. This can easily be achieved by placing the plant under a glass dome ect. Allow the plant to dry out between waterings (ideally allow at least the top inch of soil to dry out before watering). Water thoroughly, allow the water to drain completely and never leave the plant to stand in water.

Growth: These guys can grow huge given the chance! (Over 2m tall!)

Other: Please keep me away from hot or cold drafts.