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Euphorbia pseudograntii

A very stunning Euphorbia species thats not often seen. A thornless, semi succulent evergreen shrub thats very easy care. It can grow up to 10m in the open ground however this plants size is largely controlled by its pot size. *The plant pictured is the only one available*

PLEASE NOTE:  The latex is extremely irritant and can cause contact dermatitis. All plants parts are considered very poisonous. This one should not be grown around small children or animals that like to eat plants and be very careful to avoid the wounded surfaces when repotting or trimming up unwanted growth because of the corrosive milky sap.

Pot diameter: 10cm

Watering: This plant should be treated the same as a succulent. Allow water to fully drain when watering. Ensure the soil drys out between waterings.

Light: Bright light inside or direct sun to light shade outside.