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Alocasia Green Shield

Such a rewarding plant to grow. Almost alien looking, these plants would make a fantastic conversation starter in your home!

Pot diameter: 10cm

Light: This plant requires bright indirect, light to retain its striking colours.

Watering: Watering Alocasia little and often is fantastic for keeping them consistently moist. This being said, please do not leave this plant standing in water. Allow the water to fully drain from the nursery pot before returning to a saucer/cover pot.

Other: Please keep your plant away from hot and cold drafts.

Please note: Alocasia can go dormant. Unfortunately especially in the cooler months, rough shipping can send them into dormancy. They are also generally quite fussy to ship, so please know if you purchase this plant  - it may sulk, drop some older leaves or go completely dormant after transit. More often than not they are absolutely fine but feel obliged to mention the above.