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1L Worm Castings

These pure, mature earthworm castings are ideal for your garden and potting mixes as they are:

  • full of natural plant growth bio-stimulants
  • contain beneficial soil microorganisms
  • stimulate plant root growth and activity
  • increase water holding capacity
  • increase nutrient holding capacity (high cation exchange capacity)
  • unlock nutrients – reducing the need for additional fertilizers
  • help suppress plant diseases
  • strengthen plants against insect attack
  • support pollinating insects
  • are free from added chemicals
  • are free from added fillers
  • are a long-lasting soil humus

How to use:

  • Potting mix/any propagation mix: mix up to 20% with your chosen mix before planting.
  • Existing plants: sprinkle a pinch around the root zone of each plant and gently mix into the top 1-2 cm of soil and water well.

This product contains pure, mature earthworm castings only. No bulking agents such as bark or sawdust – earthworms cannot eat timber!

Any plant purchased from Plants by Bee has been proudly fertilised with this product. It is an excellent natural way to feed your plants at home too!

We highly recommend pairing this product with our Coco Chip, Peat and Bagged Fern Fibre.

This is a measured 1L scoop, this equates to a guaranteed minimum of 600g.