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Hoya obovata

Known for its round, thick large leaves, Hoya obovata is one of my all time favorite Hoyas! Such a eye catching plant - one you will not regret adding to your collection!

Pot diameter: 10cm

Blooms: Forms clusters of lightly fragrant pink star shaped flowers with a purplish-red center.

Light: Hoyas need bright, indirect light to thrive indoors. Be sure not to place them in too sunny a spot as they can easily get sunburnt!

Watering: Every care needs to be taken to ensure you do not overwater your Hoya! Only water when the top inch of soil has completely dried out and make sure you allow the water to drain through as they do not appreciate wet feet!

Growth: Can grow to be over 1m tall with the correct care! This is quite a slow growing Hoya.

Other: Please keep your plant away from hot and cold drafts.